About Us

How it all began

The Foothill Folk Society began, as most things do, with a discussion between a few friends. There were six people in an 8×6 room in the basement of Ian and Stacey Skaggs’ home. The idea was that the time had come for musicians and artists to unite as one so that together we could get a few things done that none of us could accomplish alone. It was agreed upon that we should meet once a week, play a little music, listen to whoever wanted to speak and then we would sit down and partake of whatever Ian and Stacey made for us to eat.

The concept began to take shape and grow as more and more people began to show and share their ideas about the direction we wanted to go and how it was we were going to get there from here. In 2009, we decided to hold a concert, play a little music, drink a little beer and just generally create a groovy atmosphere and enjoy the company of one another.

Then someone suggested that we each pay some dues so that we could have another concert in a week or two, and that’s just what we did the whole summer through. In the fall we made it official with officers, t-shirts, logo and all.

Throughout 2010 we struggled to be a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)3. We made mistake after blunder and dropped so many balls it’s a wonder we survived the journey at all. But thanks to so many good-hearted people donating their time, we have finally bloomed from the seed planted in that tiny room, into the “Foothill Folk Society.”

Our Approach

The Foothill Folk Society is a group of individuals dedicated to teaching, promoting and preserving our Appalachian region’s music and art.  Local artists, musicians and fan…s share their time and talent to ensure that these art forms are available to those in our community.

We are also dedicated to supporting local charitable organizations and events that improve our community and help our neighbors.

To fulfill our mission, we rely on membership dues, donations and grants to fund educational and awareness programs. Each active member has a vote in the Society and is encouraged to participate in planning and promoting events and programs.

Whether you’re an artist, musician, or someone who enjoys our Appalachian culture, the Foothill Folk Society has something for you.

We hope you’ll join us as we work to improve our community by preserving our music and arts.

Our Story

The Foothill Folk Society is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to teaching, promoting and preserving our Appalachian region’s music and art.

Meet the Team

Here is the current FFS Board of Trustees:

President — Bryan Joseph
Vice President — (vacant)
Secretary — Jamie York
Treasurer — Paula Hamm
Trustee — Mark Thacker
Trustee — Ken Willis
Trustee — (vacant)
Trustee in absentia — Rick Barnes
Trustee in absentia — Mark Sentieri